TRIGGER Wireless Accessory Controller DIN Connector Harness


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TRIGGER DIN Connector Harness | Allied Powersports

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Using the built-in DIN connector on the Trigger 6 Shooter or 4 Plus, connect our TRIGGER DIN Connector Harness for manual control of conventional rocker switches.

Important: When installing the DIN cable to the controller, be sure power is off before inserting the connector. The yellow wire on the controller is power on/off, be sure it has no power going into it before connection.

The DIN harness allows you to use conventional rocker switches with Trigger…for example, lets say you already have accessories wired up in the traditional way, with mechanical relays and a nest of wires. Using the DIN harness you can remove the mechanical relays and wiring currently powering your accessories, connect the conventional rockers to the Trigger via the DIN harness, and then connect the accessories to the Trigger. Now the conventional rockers are basically sending a signal through the DIN harness to the Trigger which then controls power distribution to the accessories. Make sense?

The end result is a cleaner installation (we’ve gotten rid of the relay/wiring mess) and we’ve added yet another way to control your accessories…now you’ve got four different ways to control your accessories through the Trigger: 1) buttons on the control box, 2) RF remote, 3) App on your phone, and 4) conventional rockers with the DIN harness.

Wire Color Codes:

  • Ch 1 = Red
  • Ch 2 = Green
  • Ch 3 = Blue
  • Ch 4 = Yellow
  • Ch 5 = White
  • Ch 6 = Brown
  • Ground = Black Chain
  • Power = Red Chain

[button type=”flat” shape=”rounded” size=”regular” href=” DIN V2 inst.pdf” target=”blank”]Click Here To View the DIN Harness Wiring Diagram[/button]


Of course, use this with the TRIGGER 6 Shooter Wireless Accessory Controller

Also works with with our TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Controller

Need longer cable runs? Check these out: TRIGGER ACS 14 Gauge Long Harness and the TRIGGER ACS 12 Gauge Short Y Harness

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