Kovea EZ Eco Stove


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Kovea EZ Eco Stove | Allied Expedition

The Kovea EZ Eco Stove is a refillable canister-free stove system that allows you to pre charge with whatever canister fuel you happen to have at home. One major advantage of this stove over other canister type systems is that you can use multiple fuel types! Butane is by far the cheapest fuel option (although it doesn’t do as well at freezing temperatures). The Kovea EZ Eco lets you leave your disposable canisters at home for recycling while you head out for the weekend. The system carries enough fuel (27g) to boil 500ml 5-6 times on 1 gas fill – that’s enough for a typical solo weekend trip or an overnight getaway for 2.


  • Liquid capacity: 38 fluid ounces
  • Stove section fits inside the efficient HE pot
  • Stove can be refilled from standard screw thread camping canister or low price MSF-1a (aerosol/nozzle-type) butane canister
  • Patented filler valve has a mechanism to prevent overfilling with gas
  • Fold out the feet for extra stability and a low center of gravity
  • Regulator lock prevents accidental gas discharge when feet are in folded position
  • Locking lid prevents spillage
  • Solid insulated wire handles ensure you won’t burn yourself when you pick up the stove
  • Flame reflector shows you the stove is lit even in bright sunshine, and transparent fuel tank allows you to see when fuel is present
  • Engineered and manufactured to significantly exceed U.S. and international safety standards

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 5.5 in


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