Ford Bronco Trail Rack Combo Kit (Fits 2021+ Models)


This combo kit includes 3 of our popular products all-in-one with special pricing.

This kit includes:

  • Relocation Bracket: Fits 35″ tires, bolt-on install.
  • Brake Light Extension: For Sasquatch, accommodates 37″ tires.
  • Trail Rack: Adds storage above spare tire, easy install.

Please note: This kit does NOT include a reinforcement bracket (sold separately)


  • Larger spare tire for tougher trails.
  • Safe & legal with visible brake light.
  • Extra storage for overlanding adventures.

Fits all Ford Broncos 2021 & newer. Order yours today

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This combo kit includes:
49001500  -  Relocation Bracket
49001520  -  Third Brake Light  Ext
49001525  -  Trail Rack

1. Bronco 21+ Relocation Bracket:

  • Raise your spare tire by 2 inches to fit up to a 35-inch aftermarket tire.
  • Durable, one-piece solid-steel construction for strength and safety.
  • Bolt-on installation with no drilling or welding required.

2. Ford Bronco Third Brake Light Extension:

  • Specifically designed for the Bronco Sasquatch edition.
  • Accommodates up to 37-inch tires for improved visibility and safety.
  • Ensures your brake light meets legal requirements and enhances awareness on the road.

3. Ford Bronco 2021+ Trail Rack:

  • Expands storage space for overlanding adventures without blocking cargo access.
  • Conveniently mounts above the spare tire for easy reach.
  • 100% bolt-on installation with basic hand tools.
  • Top basket dimensions: 38x16x6 inches.
  • Fits all Ford Broncos 2021 and newer.

This all-in-one kit provides everything you need to:

  • Upgrade your spare tire size for improved off-road capability.
  • Maintain legal and safety requirements with a visible brake light.
  • Gain valuable storage space for your gear and equipment.

Order your Bronco 21+ Ultimate Spare Tire & Storage Upgrade Kit today and experience the freedom of adventure!

Please Note: DOES NOT INCLUDE THE REINFORCEMENT BRACKET (Click here, sold separately)


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