BLU TPMS Bluetooth Signal Booster


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BLU TPMS Bluetooth Signal Booster

Use our BLU TPMS Bluetooth Signal Booster when monitoring rear tires of trailers or RV’s where distance and vehicle interference impede signal strength.

The Booster will amplify the signal from your Bluetooth Low Energy TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors. When the size of the vehicle or metal surfaces may obstruct signal reception, the Signal Booster increases transmitting strength.

The booster is waterproof and therefore can be mounted in any convenient location. Place the booster between the sensors and the area where the phone/tablet/audio alert module is being used.

Finally, wire the booster to a 12 or 24-volt switched source with the attached 6′ harness. NOTE: Do not wire directly to the battery! The Signal Booster will remain on and will discharge the battery if sitting for long periods.

Recommended for anyone pulling 40ft trailers while running BluTPMS.

For use with our BLU TPMS Internal Sensor Kits or BLU TPMS External Sensor Kits

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