Tacoma AFN Front Bumper


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Brand: AFN
Tacoma AFN Front Bumper | Allied Expedition

Our Toyota Tacoma AFN Front Bumper fits model years 2014-2019, and is uniquely styled combining the best design with the best quality.

The front bumper is comprised of three components; the core bumper itself, the winch cradle, and the aluminium skid plate. The Tacoma bumper also includes steel splash guards to help reduce dirt/water/mud intrusion into the engine compartment. This bumper also has provisions for optional lights and will include our latest innovation in DRL (Daytime Running Light) indicators developed in-house at AFN.

Manufactured in a state of the art modern facility, every AFN bumper begins life with a plate of raw steel and a CNC laser cutter. From there it’s off meet the friendly neighborhood Welding Robots for a hearty handshake and precision automated assembly. Every bumper is then thoroughly cleaned through a sandblasting process and chemical bath. Finally the parts are powder coated with electrostatic paint creating a hard, wear resistant finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Material Specification:

  • Central winch cradle: Steel, 4mm thick
  • R and L bumper ‘wings’: Steel, 2.5mm thick
  • Skid plate: Aluminum, 6mm thick
  • Splash guards: Steel, 4mm thick